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 Summer Camps 2020







Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are encouraged to be conscious of your student’s safety. Therefore, Chess-Ed will be offering our annual Kumbaya summer chess camp online. This year, six individual weeks of instruction will be offered to stimulate and engage your chess enthusiast from the middle of June and throughout July.


Our on-line session offers:

  • High quality, professional instruction that is geared to take each student to a new level of expertise and prepare interested candidates for the competition.

  • Instruction that leads to self-discipline, motivation, and professional playing skills while providing a positive and fun experience.

  • Instruction that includes math and vocabulary development.

  • Instruction that builds self-esteem and teaches sportsmanship, patience, and responsibility for decisions and choices. 

  • Instruction that develops critical, analytical, spatial, and creative thinking skills.

  • And more…


Chess-Ed instructors will teach opening theory, middle game planning and combinations, and winning endgame technique. Also, puzzling, analysis of famous games, and tournament-like game playing will be included. Students will be paired online for playing chess with other students in their program.


Our online summer camps will be held via a SAFE platform. These Chess-Ed/Kumbaya Camps are open to all beginner, non-rated and rated students rating 0-1200+ in grades K through 8 as of the 2019-2020 academic calendar. As we want our registrants to receive quality lessons and engagement, we are offering three (3) different sessions daily, per level of play (Novice Player (beginner and not rated up to a rating of 500), Continuing Player (rated 501-800) and Advanced Player (rated 801-1200+). See the registration link per each group to register accordingly. Please sign up as soon as possible as there is a limit of ___10____ registrants per each group. All registrants are required to have a account as it will be needed at the time of registration. is a FREE chess site to allow for playing chess on-line.



                             Camps will run weekly, Monday through Friday, for 1 ½ hour increments per level of play. 


Beginner Players up to a rating of 500 - 9:30am-11:00am

Continuing Players rated 501-800 - 11:30am-1:00pm

Advanced Players rated 801-1200+ - 1:30pm-3:00pm


  Week #1 - 6/22-6/26/20 (Early registration due by midnight 6/14)

Week #2 - 6/29-7/3/20 (Early registration due by midnight 6/21)

Week #3 - 7/6-7/10/20 (Early registration due by midnight 6/28)

Week #4 - 7/13-7/17/20 (Early registration due by midnight 7/5)

  Week #5 - 7/20-7/24/20 (Early registration due by midnight 7/12)

  Week #6 – 7/27-7/31/20 (Early registration due by midnight 7/19)

Each week costs $125.

Each week will offer an early fee of only $100 with a $25 savings (for the week of 1 ½ hour lessons daily), when the registration is received as listed above for each session.


Questions? Please contact us at  and include The Camp Week#/Group on the subject line

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