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Chess Enrichment Programs

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If you're looking for a top-quality chess program to add to your enrichment schedule, look no farther. CHESS-ED is the best run program in the Chicago area, with the highest success rate in state-wide competitions, excellent relationships with parent/teacher organizations, and school administrators who call us back year after year.

We employ a unique teaching methodology that puts the emphasis on skill-building and positive reinforcement rather than memorization. Students learn to focus, think creatively, and consider all their options before they make a choice. Reasoning, problem solving, and analysis of steps and missteps are all part of the process that leads to confidence and good judgment.

Next we hire talented and enthusiastic instructors and train them in class management, so they are successful in creating an environment where children are able to focus and learn. We are the only company in the Chicago area with a full staff of US Chess Federation certified teachers.

We also organize and sponsor U.S. Chess Federation scholastic tournaments and chess camps. While competing in tournaments is a joy for many students, the benefits of learning chess run much deeper. Done well, chess education can be the turning point between a child who can't socialize and one who can, or a child who can't concentrate and one who excels academically.

CHESS-ED students learn interpersonal skills such as sportsmanship, patience and positive attitudes as well as fundamentals like math and geometry that carry over to the classroom. And the CHESS-ED method successfully engages and benefits children of all ages and backgrounds, not just gifted students.

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